Hello and welcome to my home on the intertubes.

My name is Rasmus Kristensen and I am a software engineer with a passion for distributed systems and making computer games.

This page contains some of my the projets I have made.
This was a game I created on my 8th semester, it was a joint effort along with a lot of people from different educations. It was a DADIU project and it was a blast to create. This was my first real game project where there were artists, sound people, director etc. on the project. The game can be found on here and here are a couple of screenshots of the game.
The main purpouse of this game were to test how to dynamically split a gameworld during gameplay. The game was a 3D version inspired by astroids, but instead of rocks to shoot it was a game of two teams trying to shoot each other.
The client and server was developed from scratch using OpenGL, SDL and was developed in C++.

Videos of various splitting algothrims in action in a log replay tool made in Unity3d.

To get in contact with me you can use one of these methods:


+354 6956212